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CheckVideo stops crime. Plain and simple.

We will be updating this page often, as our dealer/integrator partners continue to take advantage of the real-time alerting and response capabilities of these intelligent and comprehensive solutions.

If you, as a user or dealer, have experienced a security event that could have had a much better outcome if you had been alerted IMMEDIATELY to the fact that something was occurring, please engage with CheckVideo. Simply fill out the form on this page and a representative will be back in touch within one business day.

CheckVideo users take proactive steps to avoid or prevent crime, rather than waiting for something bad to happen, then trying to figure things out after-the-fact.


CheckVideo Analytics detects a car at a distance of 245 ft.


An alert is triggered as a person is walking in the parking lot of a car dealership.



An alert is sent as a vehicle is detected driving near the property.



An alert is triggered as two individuals are walking in the parking lot near a building.



CheckVideo analytics detects a person walking past an alley.



CheckVideo analytics detects a truck delivery and a car pulling out of the lot at an auto dealership.



CheckVideo analytics detects a person in the back parking lot.



An alert is sent that someone is on the property, even during a snow storm.



A construction worker is detected on site.



An alert is sent as a vehicle is detected at night driving onto the property.



CheckVideo analytics detect a person long range at an auto dealership.



An alert is triggered as another person attempts to get the attention of a drug dealer living in the housing complex.



Is your contractor on site? This video shows a vehicle alert which helped determine if a contractor was on site for the required length of time.




An alert is sent as a man takes items through the staircase back door.



CheckVideo makes it easy to go back into your video system to find the moments that matter. In this video, a slip and fall claim was made in a parking lot. A quick search of the video at the location and time the claim was made, shows that a person dumped out water, but a slip and fall never occurred.



An alert is sent as a person is detected walking by a car in a parking lot.



CheckVideo makes your camera an alarm sensor.  As the criminal moves towards the door, he is detected by CheckVideo analytics and an audio alert is issued.



CheckVideo analytics detects a vehicle driving through the parking lot of a business after hours.



An alert is triggered as an intruder enters through the door of a warehouse.


CheckVideo technology can process analytics events in full HD on the device, making detection range much greater and more accurate. Watch as a person is detected from 350 ft away.



A multi-family housing complex had a problem with people coming into the alley next to the complex who were trying to get the attention of a drug dealer that lives in the building. The alerts of the people were delivered to police to help identify the unit where the dealer was living.



A community center had problems with guests using the pool and spa after hours. With CheckVideo the person was detected in the pool area near midnight and asked to leave with an audio announcement. The manager was alerted and notes that the spa pumps were not turned off. The manager then came down to shut down the system.



An unauthorized vehicle triggers an alert as it approaches the rear of the parking lot area through the alley.



An alert is triggered as an individual leaves the building and starts walking through the parking lot. Another alert occurs when a car is detected as it moves through the parking lot.



An alert is triggered as a vehicle moves across the parking lot.



CheckVideo cameras provide proactive visibility without watching hours of video or having to be on-site all the time. You can obtain visual logs of vehicle/person activity, watch over chronic accident/safety areas, get real-time alerts on suspicious events, and view your project(s) on your smartphone.



A retailer was experiencing shrinkage in areas with high-risk merchandise.  The solution was to draw a zone in the area close to the merchandise, and when a person entered the area, send an awareness announcement such as “Thank you for shopping our store”. This soft announcement alerted the customer that they were not alone in the store, helping the retailer reduce shrinkage.



An alert is triggered as a suspicious person is walking around the rear of the building during non-business hours.



In this video, courtesy of Art Dunn Alarm Company, suspects cut through the chain link on the back side of the dumpster and launch trash over razor wire and into the parking lot. Watch as CheckVideo detects this activity and immediately alerts the patrol service to make the arrest. With CheckVideo your cameras do more than just record- they detect.



On May 28th 2017, a man broke into a utility equipment company and drove off with a tractor. CheckVideo analytics detected the suspect and an alert was sent to the owner. A description of the tractor and suspect were immediately given to the police at 9:25 pm. At 9:42 pm, the police responded and caught two people driving a truck with the tractor on a trailer about 3 miles from the store. The two men were arrested and the tractor was driven back to the store under police escort.



Intruders attempted to steal a catalytic converter, but they were immediately detected by a CheckVideo system. Police were called and the subjects were apprehended.



Problem: Theft and vandalism at water treatment facilities and dams.  Results: An unauthorized person detected by CheckVideo near a water tower attempting to steal copper wire.  Police were notified and arrived on the scene. The suspect leaves the area upon their arrival and is found hiding in a nearby dumpster.



In this video two homeless men are removed from a construction site after being detected by CheckVideo cameras which instantly alerted security.



CheckVideo cameras stop trespassing.  In this case, the cameras were configured to send video alerts when a person was detected inside the yard. These videos alerts were sent directly to computers in Ontel patrol vehicles, showing the intruder inside the yard and the pool.  This led to the 110th arrest for Art Dunn Alarm Company.



The owner of a lawn and garden center selected CheckVideo to keep an eye on his business after hours. The system paid off quickly. One day, in the early morning hours, the owner received an alert on his smartphone showing an intruder on his property. A series of alerts from different cameras showed the intruder walking through the property and looking at John Deere and Toro equipment. The owner contacted the police, who arrived on the scene and apprehended the suspect. They learned that the suspect had been waiting for a friend to help him steal $10,000 worth of equipment.



At this car dealership the lots were extensive and the guard could not be everywhere at once. CheckVideo was installed with video monitoring from a central station to serve as a force multiplier. An unauthorized person appeared on the lot in the middle of the night. The central station received this alert. The central station contacted the onsite guard and sent him the video clip. Now you can see the guard running across the lot to find the intruder to make the arrest.



A general contractor was having material theft issues and problems tracking project expenses. CheckVideo was installed which resulted in reduced expenses by securing the site. In this video you’ll see an intruder coming in, as CheckVideo detects the individual, it sends the authorities an alert to make the arrest.


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