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Bingham Equipment Company was established by Norm and Audrey Bingham in 1955 as a Ford tractor dealer in Casa Grande, Arizona. Two years later, a second branch was opened in Mesa, followed by a Yuma location in 1965. Today, the company’s 180 employees operate 11 branches that serve construction, agricultural and compact equipment customers throughout Arizona.

The Challenge

One of the biggest problems plaguing businesses is stolen equipment. Why is equipment stolen? The answer is simple. The reward for the thief far outweighs the risk. Heavy equipment often has a low recovery rate, and it is valuable and easy to resell. Large amounts of money are regularly invested in equipment and machinery which poses a huge risk to owners. Heavy equipment, whether rented or owned, can net tens of thousands of dollars for every piece stolen, making equipment very profitable for criminals.

In addition to profitability, heavy equipment and machinery are relatively easy for thieves to steal. More often than not, thieves are targeting unsupervised equipment and loading it onto the back of empty trailers during off hours, including nights and weekends.

Bingham Equipment was looking for a solution that provided after-hours security for property and assets outside. They wanted a solution where cameras could be installed anywhere to instantly add around-the-clock visibility and coverage. Intelligent features and centralized remote access would also ensure anyone that needed access to footage could quickly find it.

The Solution

Many organizations buy video systems to protect their properties, but they often only act as a deterrent. If there was an incident, all the reviewer could determine was what time the incident occurred, by how many people, and a video of the criminals leaving the scene with the stolen property.

Bingham Equipment wanted a proactive solution installed that actually stopped crime. With equipment theft on the rise nationally, it was critical that they installed a solution that provided a perimeter of protection around their properties that alerted them of instances in real-time.

CheckVideo cameras allowed Bingham Equipment to monitor their locations easily from any device, anytime, anywhere. With intelligence added to the camera system, it can send video notifications of events of interest. These notifications can be pushed instantly to mobile phones.

With CheckVideo real-time alerts, Bingham Equipment's security issues will receive higher priority response from emergency responders and police personnel, because they’ll know the exact nature of the security event they’re dealing with.

Theft & Arrest

Equipment theft is a crime of opportunity where thieves often strike at night. An estimated 90 percent of all equipment theft takes place between 6 p.m. Friday and 6 a.m. Monday when equipment, tools, and materials are often left unattended and unprotected.

Blaine Bingham, President/CEO of Bingham Equipment said “CheckVideo gives us after-hour security primarily, but it also gives us an inside look of daily activities. We've put several people behind bars that tried to steal equipment off our yard.”

In one instance, a man broke into a Bingham Equipment location and drove off with a tractor. CheckVideo analytics detected the suspect and an alert was sent to the President/CEO. The police responded and caught two people driving a truck with the tractor on a trailer about 3 miles from the store.

Play Video

Blaine Bingham also explained, "You don't have to be in front of 10 monitors all the time. CheckVideo can give you the important information very efficiently and very quickly, no matter where you are. Monitoring the activities that are going on and also the ability to record information. If somebody gets injured and there's a worker's comp claim. We make sure we understand what happened 24/7 if it did."

CheckVideo’s cloud managed system provides a complete solution for Bingham Equipment by monitoring their locations with a video security solution that allows them to see everything from anywhere. This ability to quickly access their locations and receive events of interest in real-time helps give Bingham Equipment insight for quick decision making to reduce the chance of theft occurring.

One of the things that I have enjoyed about CheckVideo is the video clip that you get when you get an alert. I like where it actually rewinds and starts the video a little bit before it tripped the security so you can actually see right on your phone very quickly if there's an incident happening.

Blaine Bingham - President/CEO

Are you looking for a reliable, smart, next-generation security system? Get in touch today to talk about your options.

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