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CheckVideo Cloud Video Surveillance Solutions

The leading provider of cloud-managed, intelligent video surveillance and verification for over 20 years.

Traditionally, video surveillance has required video and recording to be on site and management of multiple locations is cumbersome because IP cameras require on site presence.


Fortunately, we have the longest experience in providing cloud managed solutions which deliver a next generation video security system.  Our Cloud VMS offers enterprise function without cost and complexity. In fact, we were awarded the best hosted solution by the Security Industry Association (SIA) in 2015 and have continued to improve each year.

To start your cloud journey choose from new cameras or use a cloud NVR/DVR to enable existing cameras. You can mix and match these options, but all benefits of cloud services are available across your entire camera portfolio.

Two Ways to Enable Cloud Services

IP Cloud Cameras

Cameras with built-in recording and analytics. These are a perfect solution for new installations requiring no external NVR or DVR.


Cost-effective solution to connect any IP or Analog cameras to the cloud. Includes built-in recording and advanced video analytics.

Cloud Video Security Surveillance Overview

CheckVideo VMS is a cloud based video management system providing Video Surveillance Software as a Service (VSaaS). Combining smart cameras and gateways that can be configured, managed and monitored centrally, our cloud based VMS eliminates the cost and complexity of servers and software on premise.  CheckVideo Cloud VMS also integrates with leading central stations for real-time video monitoring, and provides video push notifications to mobile devices when an intruder is detected.


Traditional surveillance has required on-site servers and software which is hard to maintain, expensive, requires IT resources, and are rarely updated.

Today, cloud video security services have been taking advantage of moving to the cloud because a cloud camera can offer multiple benefits which reduces your on-site footprint, complexity, and cost.


CheckVideo cloud vms provides the remote video surveillance software and we keep it running.  It is more reliable, with 99.5% uptime guarantee, automatically protected against hackers and cyber threats, and all updates and enhancements with new software versions are included.

CheckVideo Cloud VMS is a hosted software service with:

  • Centralized video management system
  • Web based integration
  • Cameras and recorders across multiple customer locations
  • Security camera cloud storage to protect your video from tampering and failures
  • Powerful video search engine

All it needs is a CheckVideo smart cloud camera.

Cloud VMS Includes:

Secure Cloud Backup

Store video in a secure offsite location 5 days to 2 years.

Web and Mobile Access

No software download needed.

Powerful Video Search Engine

An industry-first search engine enables searches in seconds, even for multiple cameras.

Video Analytics

Acts as a video sensor by detecting a person or vehicle. Instant push notifications to email or mobile app.

Unified Management Interface

Provides single-point management of all appliances, with automatic time synchronization across customer locations.


Encrypted communications and secure updates ensure cybersecurity.


CheckVideo Cloud Video Surveillance is a cloud based video management system providing Video Surveillance Software as a Service (VSaaS).


All cameras can be configured, managed, and monitored centrally eliminating the cost and complexity of servers and software on premise.

Reliable protection has never been this simple.

CheckVideo’s revolutionary Cloud VMS enables centralized configuration, viewing and monitoring of video feeds across tens or hundreds of locations while reducing infrastructure costs. Every video camera enrolled into the service benefits from remote live, playback and export without the need to add servers or install software. Combining the best of on-premise recording and off-site backup, your video evidence is safe with CheckVideo’s remote video surveillance software.


An industry-first search engine saves hours of time on investigations, and built-in video analytics notify you about activities of interest as they occur, not after the fact. As a managed cloud camera system, updates are included and automatically applied, and the health of the system is monitored to ensure that your property stays secure.

CheckVideo Portal

The CheckVideo portal includes end-user functionality such as video viewing, recorded video playback, video search, export and share. It also includes advanced functionality for multi-camera viewing, smart monitoring, auto-tours and more.

CheckVideo Portal VSAAS

CheckVideo Portal

Command Management Console (CVCommand)


The CheckVideo Command Management Console (CVCommand) is an enterprise grade management tool that provides a single view of all your assets from any web browser.

Subscription Tiers

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