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CheckVideo Simplifies Your System

Managing a video surveillance system on a secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure, while improving physical security across sites is critical for enterprise businesses today.

But what happens when the video surveillance system isn’t easy to use or administer? Video is the best tool a company has to maintain and create a safe environment, but many companies find that getting access to video isn’t easy and replacing or upgrading cameras can come at a huge cost.

Enterprise businesses are putting up security cameras at a record pace, but often these video systems are not monitored, need repairs, include a mix of different systems across buildings, aren’t easy to manage, and are difficult to use and access.

What frequently happens after a camera is installed is that no one monitors its health and whether video is being recorded, until a year or two later when an incident happens and there is a need to review the footage.

In many cases, video might not be available because the camera failed, or could be useless for investigative purposes because the recorder had failed.  In other instances, access to video cameras in only available from specific computers running the right software, which may not provide a unified view of all cameras across multiple buildings. This results in thousands of dollars spent on complicated systems that waste time, resources, and money. 

CheckVideo Simplifies Your System

There are some powerful innovations in technology that are changing every aspect of our lives making it easier and more efficient.  At the forefront of these innovations is cloud technology, which has transformed everything from how we watch movies with Netflix to how we communicate using Gmail. 

Fortunately, CheckVideo uses the same cloud technology to transform your cameras into a smart security solution that’s simple to use and easy to administer.  CheckVideo significantly enhances overall effectiveness of a company’s safety and security efforts using these unique benefits:

Simple to Use

  • Combines all your cameras into a single view using just a web browser. No software needed.
  • Access your video cameras from any device, anytime, anywhere, as long as you are authorized.
  • Need to go back and pull video evidence?  With lightning-fast search technology investigations take seconds or minutes, not hours.

Easy to Administer

  • No software, servers, licenses, greatly reducing the burden on IT.
  • Unlimited user accounts, devices, locations. 
  • Updates included, so your system always has the latest and best features
  • Health monitoring and tamper detection to ensure your system is working correctly.
  • Use your existing analog and IP cameras – combines different systems into one.

CheckVideo uses state of the art video security solutions to significantly enhance overall effectiveness of enterprise efforts with a system that was built to be simple to use and easy to administer.

Interesting in learning about adding cloud management? To start your cloud journey choose from new cameras or use a cloud NVR/DVR to enable existing cameras. You can mix and match these options, but all benefits of cloud services are available across your entire camera portfolio.

See CheckVideo In Action

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