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Be Proactive and Protect your Campus Now.

A rise in active shooter incidents over the years have prompted many school officials to re-examine security
measures to determine what combination of prevention and response can deter such violence. According to a recent study by the FBI, Educational Institutions rank as one of the highest in active shooter incidents. In fact, 24% of the 160 incidents of active shooters in the country occurred in an education setting.

Video is the best crime fighting tool that we have, but is there always immediate access to the video system? Does it tell you about potential threats? Or are you using it after the fact? Are your security officers able
to access video from mobile?

Technology today can save lives. A proactive security solution from CheckVideo that includes video analytics can help protect your campus in real-time.

CheckVideo transforms your campus cameras into a smart security solution that can actually prevent crime.  CheckVideo uses video analytics to alert you instantly to suspicious activity. Relevant video can be shared with campus police, guard forces or emergency responders in real-time. With full web and mobile access, unlimited users and no IT investment required, CheckVideo is comprehensive and proactive security at your service.

On average law enforcement officers can only watch 20 minutes of video and still be effective.  Video analytics is a mature technology, and with CheckVideo’s smart matrix, only relevant video with activity is pushed to security officers, ensuring their response.  No more waiting or watching for hours.  Get real-time activity alerts as it happens.

Protect your campus today and implement a proactive intelligent video system that can help save lives:

  • Real-time video alerts via push notifications = real-time response before the situation escalates.
  • The intelligent system facilitates intelligent decision-making when time is of the essence.
  • Just like Google, CheckVideo provides the only search engine for video. Find in seconds what previously took hours.
  • Prepare for possible lockdown situations with quick access to your video from any location, even outside the building, by multiple responders, with no user limits or additional software to buy.

CheckVideo can help you increase security, find suspicious activity, improve emergency response, and save money.

See CheckVideo In Action

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