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Over the past few years, cyber-security has possibly become a larger threat compared to physical security. We protect our properties with locks and keys and with security cameras, but never anticipated that they could be used against us.

Distributed Denial of Service attacks against internet connected devices are increasing year-over-year not just in the amount, but also in persistence, complexity, and sophistication. As recent attacks would indicate, this is only going to continue to grow. Malware spreads by scanning the internet for IoT devices, including routers, that are protected only by default usernames and passwords to infect and hijack them to carry out DDoS attacks.

Why Should You be Concerned?

As the number of IP cameras around your home and business increase, so do your chances of being hacked. IP cameras and internet-facing devices pose a serious threat that similar non-connected devices don’t have to worry about. They increase the number of gateways into your home and business by introducing weaknesses that didn’t already exist.

In a network security environment, each device is a computer complete with IP address, passwords, security configuration settings and often times weaknesses. Poorly configured devices can provide a hacker with the opportunity to gain entry into the network where they can alter or collect data, change settings, take control of the system or completely takeover a physical security system leaving the business unprotected.

In particular, IP cameras offer a remarkably easy entry into the system. IP cameras can become susceptible due to misconfiguration and user error or design flaws, passwords, and firmware. Another weakness of IP cameras is the “set-and-forget” mindset often practiced by the installing dealer and/or the end-user. In other words, your cameras are probably at risk which could lead to the following consequences.

With CheckVideo, there’s a better way to secure your IP system. Our security cameras don’t require passwords, so you never have to worry about them being hacked. Or we can provide a CheckVideo gateway for your existing system which can take over your password management automatically.

CheckVideo Cameras

CheckVideo Cameras do not include a login and password. In fact, there is no way to log into a CheckVideo device. All authorization and credential management is done through the CheckVideo Cloud VMS, that acts as an agent to grant access to a camera.

CheckVideo NVRs/DVRs

CheckVideo NVRs/DVRs are managed through our Cloud These cameras are programmed (over HTTPS) at the factory to securely communicate with our servers in the cloud, and all access to these cameras is authorized through our servers

Managed Service

CheckVideo’s revolutionary managed service enables centralized configuration, viewing and monitoring of video feeds across tens or hundreds of locations while reducing infrastructure costs. Every video camera enrolled into the service benefits from remote live, playback and export without the need to add servers or install software. Combining the best of on-premise recording and off-site backup, your video evidence is safe.

An industry-first search engine saves hours of time on investigations, and built-in video analytics notify you about activities of interest as they occur, not after the fact. As a managed system, updates are included and automatically applied, and the health of the system is monitored to ensure that your property stays secure.

As you know, our security cameras don’t require passwords, so you never have to worry about them being hacked. We have the most secure security cameras on the market. If you have other cameras, we can review your system and help you secure your network so it’s cloud managed.

As part of CheckVideo’s managed service, software updates and patches are automatically pushed to cameras and servers with zero touch. This ensures that the latest firmware is available as soon as it is released, and any new vulnerabilities that are discovered are patched immediately.

Are you looking for a reliable, smart, next-generation security system? Get in touch today to talk about your options.

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