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On-Premise vs. Cloud Managed Video Security

Traditionally, closed-circuit television (CCTV) is wired to broadcast locally to a set number of monitors. The only way to access the security system is to gain physical access to the monitors while the broadcast is in progress.  Fortunately, we’ve come a long way—there are now several approaches to enabling video surveillance of physical sites. The biggest change in recent years has been cloud solutions and the growing demand for remote access.

Today’s businesses can now choose between on-premise vs. cloud solutions for just about every component of their IT services, including software, servers, storage, security, enterprise resource planning and more.

Increased Data Security

With many Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) solutions, the video recorded is almost immediately stored within a highly secure data center. Most of the time, these data centers are regulated by strict federal security measures and privacy guidelines.


Without the presence of open ports, on-premise software or the need for on-site firewalls, VSaaS users can eliminate several cybersecurity risks.


Traditional video surveillance systems are left vulnerable to cyber attacks and potential data breaches.  These attacks can have a huge impact on businesses often with debilitating results.

Cloud Data Security

Easy Access to Video

With fully integrated dashboards provided by cloud-based video management systems, business owners – who may not have the budget or capability to hire a surveillance or monitoring team – can now access, manage and monitor video surveillance footage for various business locations from a single, remote platform.

Managers and any authorized users within the business, can now feel more confident in their ability to retrieve critical video-based information and respond more readily to any incidents that occur at a given location.


Cloud-based video surveillance solutions also offer easy scalability in terms of storage and video resolution – this allows businesses to expand without having to modify existing hardware.

Bandwidth management capabilities allow users to extend storage periods for video and limit or increase the video resolution stored to the devices and within the cloud infrastructure.


Remove Points of Failure, Reduce Risk of Data Loss

Data Backup

Your video surveillance system is only as good as the data it stores. In the event that this data is somehow lost the system loses all value. Often with traditional video surveillance systems, if equipment fails on the camera network it’s likely that there is no way to notify someone of the issue in a timely manner.

This means that cameras and their storage capacities won’t work until someone discovers the issue, which often happens after an emergency or theft has occurred.

The cloud is designed to reduce your overall liabilities by hosting the software and hardware in the cloud for data backup and redundancy in a secure data center, so that even if cameras malfunction, your video data is protected and can still be accessed.

Long-term Cost-Effectiveness

For any business, cost is always at the forefront when deciding to adopt a new system.

VSaaS solutions have proven to be more cost-effective than traditional video surveillance solutions in the long run. A VSaaS solution doesn’t require the large upfront cost of the recorder hardware and software, and it involves less time, materials and labor for system configuration and deployment. With reduced upfront costs, automatic updates, built-in redundancies and scalability, VSaaS solutions are the better solution for many enterprise video security needs.

Cost Reduction

CheckVideo’s revolutionary managed service enables centralized configuration, viewing, and monitoring of video feeds across tens or hundreds of locations while reducing infrastructure costs. Every video camera enrolled into the service benefits from remote live, playback and export without the need to add servers and software licenses. Combining the best of on-premise recording and off-site backup, your video evidence is safe.

An industry-first search engine saves hours of time on investigations, and built-in video analytics notify you about activities of interest as they occur, not after the fact. As a managed system, updates are included and automatically applied, and the health of the system is monitored to ensure that your property stays secure.  Contact us to learn more.

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