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Why is Physical Security Moving to the Cloud?

A study by Transparency Market Research reveals the global market for Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) is expected to reach $48 billion by 2020. Video surveillance systems span from closed-circuit transmission videos (CCTV) to digital video recorders (DVR) and centrally managed IP cameras that can transmit videos on the internet.

If you had suggested the idea of physical security systems being hosted on a remote IT network a few years ago, you probably would have been laughed out of the building. However, today this is a very real option and one which offers many appealing advantages.
Most of us gladly complete the most secure transactions online such as banking, so why not physical security? In the past, many people thought physical security systems should only be hosted onsite to ensure nobody could hack them remotely. Yet, this also means that remote security teams can’t take control in an emergency either.

Cloud-based services are seeing a rise in adoption by users in the video surveillance industry. There are substantial benefits to moving locally recorded video data to the cloud, which can help push access to remote monitoring teams ensuring quicker response time, greater coverage, and prohibit evidence tampering.

In a traditional video management system (VMS), video recording and processing are executed on a remote computer installed onsite. This is then archived in local machines for future use. All this data can be later accessed on the Cloud online.

Compare this with Cloud-based VSaaS solutions, where the video processing and management is performed on the Cloud instead of onsite computers. The data captured by cameras are directly transmitted to a Cloud-based server where the secondary data is processed and archived. Transferring high resolution videos to the cloud can result in high bandwidth costs.  Although, advanced VSaaS solutions offer several options to improve incoming video for connection speeds like video data compression and event-based rules to control the amount of data transferred.  In addition, security personnel can tap into live camera feeds directly from the Cloud without onsite equipment.

Effects of Cloud in Video Surveillance

Cloud storage ensures systems can easily be installed, monitored, upgraded and changed to suit the needs of the organization. New hardware components can be integrated into the security network via an IP connection and authorized people can access the system from anywhere, on virtually any Internet-enabled device. This level of integration also makes the price of purchasing and maintaining these systems far more attractive as well.


Cloud-based video solutions have an advantage in reducing losses due to theft and equipment damage. The improved coverage assists in monitoring and tracking conversion rates and preventing incidents in the first place.


The commercial cost of deployment can be significantly reduced by minimizing hardware dependence due to richer insights created by high quality live feed and enhanced visibility of video footage.

An unexpected effect of the cloud is that security systems are shifting from what was once a purchase – made only when they absolutely must – to desirable investments that can secure tangible, specific, and measurable benefits.  In the world of physical security, the cloud is here to stay, just as it is in the consumer world of smart watches, fitness trackers, and navigation systems.

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An industry-first search engine saves hours of time on investigations, and built-in video analytics notify you about activities of interest as they occur, not after the fact. As a managed system, updates are included and automatically applied, and the health of the system is monitored to ensure that your property stays secure.  Contact us to learn more.

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