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Easily Update Your Cameras to an NDAA Compliant System with Built-in Cybersecurity.

Is Your Security System NDAA Compliant?

Facilities and contractors that do work for the government are being requested that their cameras are not in violation of NDAA. If you’ve installed cameras in the last few years you might be surprised to know how many brands have been impacted – brands such as Hikvision, Panasonic, Honeywell, and Toshiba.

CheckVideo Gen 3 solutions utilize our Cloud VMS to automatically install firmware updates, security patches, and new features.  Easily isolate your cameras and protect against hackers. CheckVideo products are used and trusted by United States government, the Department of Homeland Security, enterprises in various vertical markets, and is fully NDAA-compliant.

Isolate the Camera Network

Often times replacing an entire video surveillance system simply isn’t an option, especially with a tight budget. CheckVideo’s gateway is an affordable option that can protect and isolate existing cameras on your network against cyber threats and update them to an NDAA compliant system.  CheckVideo’s gateway takes the cameras off your clients network and isolates them by fire-walling them away without having to replace everything.


CheckVideo Benefits


CheckVideo isolates your existing cameras from your network, improving cybersecurity. Patches are pushed to all devices ensuring vulnerabilities are addressed.

Video Backup

CheckVideo includes 24x7 on-site recording plus event video backed up to the cloud, from 3 days to 2 years depending on your needs.

Automated Health Monitoring

CheckVideo monitors its own health for recording errors, communication loss, video loss and if cameras have been tampered with or vandalized.

Lightning Fast Searches

An industry-first search engine enables searches in seconds, even for multiple cameras.

Unified System, Single Login

CheckVideo unifies multiple systems and cameras spread across campus or across the state.

CheckVideo NVRs/DVRs

CheckVideo NVRs/DVRs are managed through our Cloud VMS, there is no web server, logins or passwords to secure and rotate for on-premise devices. The only way to access and configure the device is to be authenticated through the managed Cloud VMS, which then passes down all configurations to on-premise devices over an encrypted (TLS 1.2) connection.

CheckVideo Cameras

CheckVideo Cameras do not include a login and password. In fact, there is no way to log into a CheckVideo device. All authorization and credential management is done through the CheckVideo Cloud VMS, that acts as an agent to grant access to a camera. These cameras are programmed (over HTTPS) at the factory to securely communicate with our servers in the cloud, and all access to these cameras is authorized through our servers. 

We're Here to Help

If you’ve installed cameras that are not NDAA compliant we are here to help.  CheckVideo can help isolate cameras to make sure your customers are NDAA compliant.  Contact us today to learn more.

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