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Easily Unify Your Campus Video Surveillance System

There are several challenges that every school campus confronts when it comes to video surveillance. One challenge is successfully implementing a unified video surveillance system that can protect and watch over separate buildings and facilities across campus that may include parking lots, sports complexes, and housing.  

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We often find that as facilities are added or renovated, new cameras and recorders are installed in that facility.  Unfortunately, this results in a variety of surveillance systems across their campus.  With budgets being tight, we also find that cameras are upgraded in stages over multiple years resulting in a mix of separate cameras and recorders.  These systems require different software, often only available within the facility making it difficult to view and download footage. 

This diverse collection of systems creates an inefficient and unreliable means of access to these cameras across the entire campus community.  Users needing access often goes beyond a centralized security operations center.  Patrol officers need access to video before they respond to a potentially dangerous situation, and to complete investigations while on the go. Often, department staff request cameras for their building or to specific locations, but that is challenging.   Facilities maintenance can benefit from access to cameras to view public areas and manage contractors, repairs, trash removal and a variety of services.  Lastly, IT or Human resources often requires camera access for regulatory purposes.     

One option is to replace the entire system – cameras, NVRs and often cabling.  It requires significant investment in design, networks, and servers to unify multiple locations. This can be cost-prohibitive and disruptive, leaving gaps in coverage as systems are being updated.  This is not a great option because in the majority of cases, cameras and cabling last a long time, and need not be prematurely replaced just to get a single unified system.

With new cloud-managed technology however, one can cost-effectively bridge existing systems into a single unified system.  This works with existing cameras and cabling, eliminating expensive labor costs and the disruption associated with a rip and replace option.  All it takes is a gateway device that connects to your network  to bring all cameras, even across buildings, campuses and zip codes, into a single view.  The best part is, it enables secure access to one, a few or all cameras for multiple users without adding servers or network infrastructure.  This works in a browser or even on a mobile phone, for an unlimited number of users.  Watch all your cameras from “anywhere” using just your browser.  To ensure the system continues to function uninterrupted, CheckVideo includes health monitoring so you know instantly when something needs to be fixed.

Unified Login

CheckVideo integrates and combines multiple systems and cameras spread throughout campuses into one portal and enables access through a web login.

Video surveillance cameras can be viewed from anywhere by logging onto the portal with a username and password.  Users can then see, search, and save video on the cameras they are authorized across multiple sites.  In the event of an emergency, video access can be enabled for first responders without requiring physical access to the NVR.

CheckVideo includes the ability to use your existing analog cameras, existing IP cameras and/or new cameras and view all the cameras you’re authorized to see in one portal with one username and password via any web browser.

Health monitoring

Often when video footage is needed, it may be missing because of a previous camera error.  This can happen more frequently with complex network-based systems that depend on networks to deliver video from the camera to the recorder.

CheckVideo monitors its own health for recording errors, communication loss, video loss and if cameras have been tampered with or vandalized whether they’re CheckVideo cameras or 3rd party IP or Analog cameras. Administrators can also be alerted via texts and system alerts.

In addition, updates are automatically pushed that include new features, bug fixes and security patches so your system is always updated and current.  With an automated health monitoring system, you never have to worry about your cameras. 

The Reliable Choice

Security is becoming a necessity at campuses in today’s turbulent climate.  That’s why it is critical that campuses implement a unified video surveillance system that gives school administrators, security personnel, and first responders the tools to effectively respond to campus incidents immediately. Easy access to all cameras and automated health monitoring to ensure any errors are fixed instantly will make response to safety and security issues faster and more effective.

CheckVideo delivers a truly one-of-a-kind intelligent video security solution that is cost effective and simple to use. Our solutions can transform your campus surveillance system into a simple, unified video surveillance system with health monitoring, so you can view your cameras from anywhere at any time.

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