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ThermoSentry is a turnkey thermal temperature detection system with integrated thermal imaging camera and visible cameras.  With face detection and localization technology, it can automatically measure temperature without requiring manual supervision. Placed at up to 10 feet away, the ThermoSentry can be used for rapid throughput, coronavirus temperature screening.

ThermoSentry is calibrated for temperature readings as accurate as 0.3°C.  The solution includes high resolution thermal camera recording and alerting to mobile phones and email should elevated temperature be detected.  The temperature detection system measures temperature in a fraction of a second, either for one or multiple individuals at a time. Dynamic signage provides feedback about proceeding or waiting for additional screening.  It can further be integrated with doors and access control to create a full automated and non-touch temperature screening solution. Using mains power, the temperature detection system is easy to set up requiring only an area of 12ft x 5ft to operate. ThermoSentry reads at a safe distance between 6-10 ft. and does it automatically. It is able to accommodate people of different heights and does not require human interpretation of measurement results.


Dual Sensor Technology combines high resolution thermal cameras and visible cameras that work together.

Multiple Alert modalities including on-screen display, audible tone and push notification.

Flexible Integration options with I/O to interface with doors and turnstiles.

24/7 recording and cloud connectivity with web based portal.

Scan multiple people in seconds, reducing stoppage and providing a smooth flow of traffic.


Combines a high resolution thermal camera for non-touch temperature screening with a high definition camera for a quicker coronavirus temperature screening and intervention.

Non-touch temperature screening at a distance of 10 ft. Enables fast throughput by measuring temperature while people are moving.

Provides instant feedback regarding people with potentially elevated temperature who can undergo additional coronavirus temperature screening.

Interface with access control or turnstiles to grant or deny access based on temperature reading.


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