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Introducing ExpressHD

A revolutionary breakthrough in simplicity, functionality, and price.

Got an old analog DVR system and camera and considering replacing it with IP cameras and NVRs? An upgrade to IP cameras gets you HD video, but requires new cabling, network equipment and can get expensive.

ExpressHD by CheckVideo allows you to leapfrog beyond NVRs to the latest high definition, cloud-enabled, smart security with video analytics. Best of all, this upgrade requires no new cabling saving hundreds of dollars per camera.

ExpressHD is an innovative technology that can transmit high-definition (HD) digital video over coaxial cable Secure Campus_375x375delivering all the perks of IP and much more.

CheckVideo’s ExpressHD Recorder (CVEHD-DVR) is a compact device that records crisp 1080p video for up to 30 days.  It is also packed with CheckVideo’s CloudVMS™ features, including built-in video analytics, cloud backup, built-in health monitoring, web and mobile viewing, and the industry’s fastest video search engine. Combined with best-in-class dome or bullet cameras featuring night-vision and digital signal processing for the stunning image quality, ExpressHD can instantly transform your CCTV system.



+ Just plug-and-play – it’s that easy
+ Swap out the camera and recorder –
instantly upgrade to HD
+ Mix and match with existing cameras



+ Advanced, built-in video analytics
+ Superior image clarity
+ Health monitoring and tamper detection
+ NO delays or video quality loss


+ No Software to install – remote viewing and playback from
any web browser
+ Automatic, off-site Cloud backup
+ Federation – combine multiple locations or recorders in a
single view
+ The industry’s fastest video search engine
+ Find video in seconds, not hours

ExpressHD is a 3rd Generation System

1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation
Analog IP ExpressHD
Cable Coaxial Cable CAT5 (network cable) Coaxial Cable
Resolution 0.3 Megapixels 1 - 12 Megapixels 2MP
Cable Length 1000 ft 300 ft 700 ft
Viewing Capability On-site On-site + network On-site, network, cloud
Live View Delay None 1 - 10 seconds 1 second
IT Complexity Low High Low
Install Cost Low High Medium

ExpressHD Comparison

Compare the image quality of an analog image (left) to a 2 megapixel IP image (middle) to a 2 megapixel ExpressHD image (right).

Analog vs IP vs HD Security DVR recorder resolution

See CheckVideo In Action

See It Here
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