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You can’t afford any search that takes hours, let alone precious minutes.

Because CheckVideo is intelligent, it watches and -- just like Google -- indexes all relevant information contained within any event clip that fits your instant search time zone. Real-time performance stats HERE.

The search is performed in the Cloud, then the instant results are shared with anyone you choose, even via text message. The CloudVMS™ is so powerful you need only an Internet connection. No app!

Get results in the time it takes to type what? and when?

It’s a true search engine for video.

Instant results = instant action.
Real-time decision support can be the difference between crime happened and crime avoided.

“CheckVideo cameras identified a trespasser and issued an alert to the monitoring company, that immediately notified the police. As they arrived they passed the subject leaving the scene. Because the CheckVideo solution allowed multiple first responders to view the video simultaneously, they identified and arrested the suspect immediately.”

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