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Smart Cameras
Catch Copper Thief

Mobile Sentry by CheckVideo is a complete, cloud-based ruggedized video security system that’s perfect for oil & gas site security. It detects events of interest based on the presence of a person, vehicle or object then sends real-time alerts users can act upon in the event of an incident.
Watch this video and see how Mobile Sentry stopped a thief in his tracks as he tried to steal copper wire.
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Mobile Sentry HD: Cellular Video Security System

CheckVideo provides remote location and oil & gas site security cameras with remote video surveillance monitoring services for almost ANY location. Mobile Sentry HD is a fully ruggedized video camera for oil & gas sites, utilities, and other remote areas, now available as a solar powered surveillance system. Our remote cellular video security system works with cellular data from major wireless carriers.

Mobile Sentry

Features and Benefits

Third generation cloud video surveillance software provides much more than recording and playback of video on a monitor.

Unified System, Single Login

Use existing analog cameras, existing IP cameras and/or new cameras. View all your cameras at multiple locations in one portal via any web browser or mobile phone.

Reduce Overall Security Costs

The cost of paying a guard to physically patrol your oil and gas facility is often more expensive compared to the affordable costs of implementing a virtual guard system.

Limit Liability & Safety Violations

Find, review, and export footage such as work place accidents. Increase the health and safety of employees, while also safeguarding infrastructure and assets.

Health Monitoring

Our devices monitor their own health and alert within minutes if any component, including your legacy cameras, have an issue.

Easily Manage Site Activity

Manage and track personnel, equipment, and activity. With push notifications to your mobile phone. CheckVideo can alert you to people and vehicles coming in and out. Find footage in seconds with CheckVideo’s revolutionary search engine.

Lightning Fast Searches

Find incidents in seconds. Search for video can be performed easily and instantly across any or all cameras in any site or across multiple locations.


Unlimited number of sites, users, camera connections, and number of views.

IT Friendly

There are no servers to manage, no software to install and configure, no IT needs at all beyond initial setup.

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