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The Jane at Moore’s Lake is a brand-new one, two, and three bedroom apartment complex for rent in Chester, VA. The apartments blend modern, sophisticated interiors with functional features, including high ceilings and in-home washer and dryer. A resort-style community with just a short drive to Richmond.

The Challenge

The Jane is a $65 million apartment project with a total of 385 units built at the site. Construction initially started on the first phase of units in 2018 with the projects second phase projected to finish in October 2021.

A key draw for the apartment complex at 12300 Moore’s Lake Road is its proximity to main roads such as state Route 10 to the south and state Route 288 to the north as well as U.S. 1 and Interstate 95. The entrance to The Jane at Moore’s Lake is right across from a shopping center as well as the future site of a Cinema Cafe dining and theater complex.

With a property in a high traffic area like the Jane, Richmond Security, a security dealer based in Richmond, VA, needed to install a complete video security solution that would protect the property from vandalism, theft, and random foot traffic from the adjacent shopping center.

The property has already been a victim to several acts of vandalism and fires set on the property. That’s why installing a carefully planned system of security cameras throughout the site was an important step for ensuring safety and security going forward.

The Solution

CheckVideo CV138 cameras were installed on light poles on the perimeter of the construction site to be monitored for people activity on a specified schedule.

CheckVideo’s cloud managed system provides a complete solution that allows quick access to cameras, AI video analytics, and real-time alerts for quick decision making to stop vandalism or theft from occurring.

One instance occurred late in the evening when two individuals entered the construction site and went into one of the apartment buildings. An alert was immediately triggered and sent to security. Security was dispatched and the intruders were caught within minutes. The cameras prevented potential vandalism and/or theft from occurring.

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Most video systems only see what happens after the fact but CheckVideo’s solution allowed for real-time response potentially saving damage to property and related costs. CheckVideo’s solution ensures that The Jane is protected through all stages of the construction process so vandalism and theft are eliminated.

"CheckVideo can give you the important information very efficiently and very quickly, no matter where you are. We had a dispatch at the Jane this week and the Camera’s did their job!”

Corey Boggs - General Manager, Richmond Security, Inc.

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